Why Every Parent Is Looking For the Best School in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is the fourth largest city in India with a population of 1.23 crore people. Over the years it has emerged as a major IT hub, housing over millions of tech-professionals coming from all parts of the country. So, with this paradigm shift in ever-evolving technology, the schools in the garden city now have an additional responsibility to cater to, which is to provide top-notch education to the kids of some of the brightest minds in the nation. The schools in Bangalore not only have to keep up the pace with the current education system but also set a benchmark for the other tier-2 and tier-3 cities in the country which are rapidly becoming tech-advanced.

Now, coming to the needs and expectations of young hi-tech parents in Bangalore, in most cases where both the husband and wife are working, and with the rise in disposable income, spending money for their kid’s education is not an issue. What’s really important for them is to find a reliable school for their kids, an institute which would help their young ones in overall development from childhood to adulthood .

Before buying a car, a person does all the research about the performance, fuel consumption, features, safety, comfort-level, color, model and most importantly the cost of the car, similarly when it comes to choosing the best school in bengaluru, for your child, as a parent you’ve to be even more careful because the whole career of your child is on stake. Parents should do a thorough research about  the school curriculum, its reputation over the years, facilities provided and most importantly the kind of teachers available.

Features Of A Good School:

  • Almost every school has a catchy ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’ statement, but are they really sticking to them is the question a parent need to ask before putting their children into it.
  • A Good School should practice what they preach in classrooms about equality. The school should value their administrative staffs, teaching staffs, security staffs and housekeeping staffs.
  • A Good School should also focus on developing a strong culture among the students. A culture which consist of: Truthfulness, Honesty, Kind-Heartedness, Passion and Love.

Teaching and Curriculum:

  • The curriculum should be designed in a manner to imbibe ‘knowledge’ among students rather than just teaching them the syllabus. Apart from the normal academic subjects, it should also include special sessions about topics related to human interest, love for nature, conserving resources, art and craft etc.
  • The teacher also has to ensure that a particular child doesn’t end up becoming just a ‘roll-number’ in the class. They should indeed focus on every child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • A good teacher should not only prepare students to be able to answer everything in the curriculum, but develop the ability among the children to ‘ask tough questions’ because this will help the student a great deal in their career ahead from an early age.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Small societies in the school like creative writing, debating, dramatics, quizzing, poetry recitation and public speaking are very important.
  • It’s always better to take the children out of the classroom and engage them in these activities as they add volumes to a student’s overall personality.
  • Sports and education goes hand in hand. The best development a student can achieve from sports is a strong will power.
  • Beside physical strength, Sports also teaches a student to develop mental toughness, self-discipline, and most importantly a spirit which is above winning and losing.
Counselling and Remedial Studies:
  • Remedial therapy is a brilliant concept introduced in schools over the past few years. Since every student doesn’t possess similar grasping power, so these sessions help those students finding it hard to keep up the pace with classroom teaching.
  • While counsellors are specially trained professionals who help school children overcome social, personal, behavioral and emotional troubles.

One of the last key factors that the parents must analyse the before putting the final stamp on their child’s admission to a school is the vibrant ‘Parent-Teachers Association’ where they would regularly meet and discuss their kid’s progress.

St. Andrews School, is one such name which has made its reputation over the years in providing consistent quality education and St. Andrews, Whitefield carries forward this mandate in Bangalore.

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St Andrews

St. Andrews School was established in 1985 to fulfill the vision of its founder, the late Mr. Louis Emanuel. He believed that 'education is a service' and his mission was to instill in young people the value of 'education for life'. Throughout its history, the school has striven to do just that. St. Andrews is committed to strong academic standards and holistic education as demonstrated through an incredible range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

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