Uniformity in colours

The world is a multitude of colours. The strokes of colours in an evening sky give the impression that a great artist is at work. We love colours so much that we try to bring in a daily dose of colours in the things we use and in the activities we do. Lunchbox, bottles and books come in bright and varied hues. Office and school work are presented in gay colours. The young and old clad themselves in joyful and merry colours. We have even assigned roles for each colour according to the emotions they invoke in us. Soft colours for day time, dark colours for evening parties, red for valentine’s day, white for wedding and black for death mourning.  

Children adore colours more than adults. A pack of sketch pens will hardly last a week in the hands of a toddler. Children scribble with these colours on every surface they can lay their hands on- be it walls or notebooks. Children’s comics come with a splash of colours to entice their young minds. Their worlds are so colourful that they paint their elephants with rainbow colours rather than the dull and mundane black.

In their world so colourful, what is the purpose of a uniform? Why do we dress all of them up in the same boring uniforms? Uniform in school brings a certain sense of equality. The school does not distinguish one student from the other and thereby becomes impartial. Each kid is same in the eyes of the teacher irrespective of his/her familial background. This does not mean that the teachers fail to attend to the personal needs of each child. Uniforms help both the children and the teachers to see the person underneath the clothes.

Uniform teaches children the basic rules of discipline. It trains the children how to comply with the rules of an institution. This will help them to adjust with the norms of a society. It also trains the children to keep themselves clean and presentable. The children realise that the way we keep ourselves play an important role in other’s evaluation of us. A neat and tidy uniform injects a fresh sense of confidence in the children.

We, at St Andrews School, follow a strict dressing code. We assure that the uniform does not take way the joy of colours. The uniform has been well designed to suit the playfulness of a child. A mix of colours in the uniform ensures that the uniform is as exciting as a coloured dress. Different sections of students wear different style of uniforms at St. Andrews School, Whitefield. This uniform delivers a sense of belonging to the children. It also keeps the child secure, the uniform and the identity card ensure the safety of the child.  The teaching faculty conducts regular checks for ensuring that the children wear the uniform according to the standards set by the school. The school fraternity also urges the parents to pay attention to whether the child comes to the school in clean and proper uniforms. It is our collective responsibility to make a disciplined future generation.

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St. Andrews School was established in 1985 to fulfill the vision of its founder, the late Mr. Louis Emanuel. He believed that 'education is a service' and his mission was to instill in young people the value of 'education for life'. Throughout its history, the school has striven to do just that. St. Andrews is committed to strong academic standards and holistic education as demonstrated through an incredible range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

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