Tips for Being a Good Parent

Parenting is like a roller coaster ride—some days you are on top, on others, you are down. But the trick is to never stop! The following are the some tips on being a great Parent.

Your Actions matter: Try to set aside time on a regular basis to do something fun with your child. These are things you must do to build your relationship with the child. Your every action is being constantly monitored by your child.

No amount of loving can ever spoil your child: You can never spoil your child by giving them love. You can spoil your children only when you replace love with bribes, leniency, cash, and things. Discipline them when necessary and always show them a lot of love!

Be involved in your child’s life: It is only when you involve yourself with your child’s life, that he/she feels strong and cared for. However difficult it seems, be involved, attend their cultural fests, and their performances. Be there for them.

Gently implement rules:Teach your child how to express to express his feelings. You could say: “Are you upset?” “You look like you are angry about that.” “It’s O.K. to feel that way.” These are subtle rules of self expression and social behavior that parents must implement constantly, for a stable parent-child relationship.

Encourage Independence: It is, in all necessity absolute, for the children to handle certain things on their own. Be it a fight between their friends or homework, leaving matters to their hands while gently mentoring them on the side will foster a strong spirit of self-confidence and independence in them.

Be consistent in your care and attention: Be a good listener and be consistent at it. If you make a promise to your child, be consistent at keeping it up. Being consistent is an art that requires dedication and care. At St. Andrews School, Whitefield (A CBSE School), you can be sure your child’s needs are being consistently met. We are known for our dedication towards children.

Firm, Fair and Friendly: Decide what behavior is desirable and not desirable. Both parents need to agree on how to respond to undesirable behavior. The child should know what to expect if he or she performs the undesirable behavior. Don’t expect too much but do look out for gradual changes in behavior. Do praise behavior that is coming closer to the desired goal.

Show your children you respect them: The respect and treatment children get from parents and mentors will be the way they treat people in their lives later on. We at St. Andrews School (CBSE)Bangalore believe in the same. Encouraging our children to make their decisions independently right from kindergarten, we show our children what it means to be respected, valued and thoroughly supported.

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