How to Spend More Quality Time With Your Children

This concept of ‘quality time’ has become  very important especially in today’s scenario where both parents are working and children  have either grandparents or a nanny for company. More often than not, the seniors allow children to sit in front of the TV when they are watching their own favorite shows. Even the nanny feels it is okay to let the children ‘hang out’ in front of the TV— so much lesser work!

Quality time spent with children would mean either parent or both be physically present and do something together, they can have fun, learn something new and most importantly bond  as a family.

I know of this young mother who takes her two children, who are 7 and 3, out to a place where they are building a small homestead in the wilderness. The 7 year old ‘young man’ is helping shovel sand and grit on the sides of the pathway being constructed. They have dogs and cats for company and they are being taught how to make a fruit squash for themselves and also learn to share it all with the caretaker’s children. Altogether a great way to grow—away from smart phones, TV and other electronic devices.

When children grow up with life’s lessons, they grow emotionally. Parents can take turns to read stories to their child at bedtime—this inculcates a reading habit which can outlive any other. If either one parent plays a musical instrument or sings, they should encourage the child to join in. Music is the best known therapy for any kind of stress. When the child grows with music, he develops a strong sensitivity towards the finer nuances of life. If you are a fitness freak, take your child along to inculcate the habit. Even if you love to cook, involve the child in this learning— let him handle the simpler tasks. That would be a great way to spend quality time with a child who is eager to learn everything and can absorb much more than you can imagine!

Family Quality time has some serious benefits – most important being it is an important part of your child’s childhood. It helps build self-esteem, strengthens family bond, helps develop positive behavior and more importantly it helps create happy memories.

Parent’s involvement in the child’s education has a positive impact on their academic achievements. St. Andrews School, Whitefield, like all other top CBSE schools in Bangalore encourages parental involvement. St. Andrews, Whitefield conducts  Open days, wherein parents are invited to take part in school activities as a family, the monthly newsletter; keep the parents abreast of the activities of the school. Regular orientation programmes and Parent Teacher Meets are held. Parents are also encouraged to drop in to discuss any concern or issue with the teacher or principal.

In  St Andrews  and many  of the  best CBSE schools in Bangalore,  teachers  advise the parents and children to stay away from  television. Enough has been said  and written about the deleterious effects of the  electronic media on impressionable minds

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