How to Help Your Child Prepare For a Field Trip

When you, get the message that your child’s school is planning a field trip for the little ones, your mind overflows with all the field trips you have enjoyed in your own school days. So, you as the parent, have to translate the fun into a steady fun experience for the child to connect with.

 Let’s begin:

If the school is planning to take the kids out to a museum or the zoo, it is important that the child knows a little about the things he is going to see. A Dolls Museum say, like the one in Delhi has dolls from across the world. You could get on the net and tell the child the different places that the dolls come from and how to recognize them. As a corollary, you could also connect the doll to the country it comes from and point out the country on a map of the world. So you actually do a lesson on culture and geography at the same time.

At St Andrews, one of the best CBSE schools in Whitefield, the students are regularly taken out on field trips as it enhances their powers of observation—it is like an audio visual treat! What you read about in books, you can actually see and hear!

The teachers will of course,  talk  about  everything that the kids are likely to see and will be  telling them details of how they will be going , what they need to carry , how to behave on the road   and other minor  details. A re-enforcement from the parents helps the child to feel more secure and better able to follow the guidelines.

I recall how I took a bunch of class IX boys on a bicycle trip up to the Coca Cola factory on the outskirts of the city. They learnt all about road safety, about staying safe on the left side of the road, about not speeding ahead. They understood responsibility over and above everything else, which any amount of telling them would not have mattered. One of the most important things that parents and teachers need to enforce again and again is the need to be careful and to follow instructions of the teachers and guides.

The CBSE curriculum has incorporated field trips as an essential part of the student learning as these educational trips help students to bond better with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.

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