Why is developing book-reading habits among school kids necessary

Award-winning English author Bali Rai, a hugely popular author within children and young-adult genres believes:  “Reading for pleasure is the single biggest factor for success in life, outside of an education. Many studies have revealed that children who read for pleasure are most likely to fulfill their ambitions. If your child reads, they will succeed- it’s that simple!”

The one who reads is the one who leads, goes an old proverb. Reading has multiple benefits and helps set a child up for success later in life. Enjoying books and reading stories from a very early age is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to understand words, use their imagination and develop their speech, as well as being something they really enjoy.

The joys of reading

  1. Reading opens the door to your child’s academic success, imparts a love of learning and leads to higher grades. Studies have shown that strong oral language skills are the basis for literacy development. When children learn to read at an early age, they have greater general knowledge, expand their vocabulary and become more fluent readers.
  2. Reading books ensures that your child is exposed to vocabulary on different topics, which means they hear words or phrases which they may not hear otherwise in their day to day lives. Reading helps develop language skills.
  3. Reading to young children affects their brain activity and may just give them that boost they need to support and promote their early reading skills.
  4. Reading enhances a child’s concentration and increases their attention span
  5. Reading ignites a child’s creativity and imagination. It helps them grow in self-confidence and independence. It sparks curiosity about people, places and the world around them.
  6. Early readers relate to their peers and the world with more confidence, it helps with their self-image and self-confidence.
  7. Reading also lends itself as an important form of entertainment. It draws the children’s attention away from ‘screen time’. Helping a child choose a book, reading it together or simply going through the pages of a book is definitely a healthier option and the need of the hour.

So how do we encourage our children to read?  

There are numerous ways to encourage your child to read. Read to them, it’s a great way to bond with your little one and boost their interest in reading. Secondly ensure there is a diverse selection of books for them to read from or flip through. Thirdly reward their reading efforts this in turn will help motivate them to keep at it and finally gift them with books of their interest on birthdays and special occasions.

At St. Andrews School, whether Hyderabad or Bangalore we believe in the power of reading and libraries are one of the most important facilities that we have on offer.  Each campus is equipped with more than one library and they cater to the reading requirements of all age groups within the school community.

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